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Satchmo Prototype

This is a great idea. It definately moves SL much closer in the direction of web services and harnessing the creative power of the community.

Timothy Moenk // Lyre Calliope

I'd been contemplating an alternative solution to the question of multiple logins for a single sl identity at various sites. This proposal would solve such problems without the need for a service in the middle.

I like what you're doing here with this blog. Even though you don't seem to be inworld much, it's good to see that you're still involved and interested in SL stuff! Keep up the good work. We definitely need more of this type of content.

Cienna Rand

I commented on this already with you in IRC, and on the discussion thread about some unique-to-SL capability that could be beneficial.

Although, I have thought about this, would it not be possible to create a resident-run openID server? One group could handle the verification of who you are in-world and then provide authentication to others. Adoption could be driven by other third party sites referencing the community server.

Of course this would really only be good in the event that it is declined as feasible by Linden. I cannot see that happening, but it is always wise to think ahead.

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