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Gwyneth Llewelyn

This is one of the best set of articles about the feature voting proposal that I have ever read.

It should be required reading for anyone ever entering the business of proposing features. Actually, you address the problem of "too much democracy" — the right to exercize free speech means that people who don't understand a bit about what they're talking about have precisely the same rights as experts on a subject. Of course, the net result, as we see on the feature boting system, is that the signal-to-noise ration is incredibly low. You get thousands of useless proposals for features and only a handful of pretty good ones.

I hope that you feel encouraged to continue this series of articles. I'm not sure if SL's population, used to anarchy, will ever take 5 minutes to read your wonderful suggestions. At least I'm glad someone pointed me to your blog. These 5 minutes already "paid out" in the amount of things I've already learned from your articles :)

Congratulations on your ability to teach so well. I wonder if you wouldn't be interested in hosting a few events in-world to explain people how they should submit their proposals, based upon your articles, and have Q&A sessions on the "dos" and "don'ts".

*hugs* from Gwyn!

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